Stryker 1488 HD 3-Chip camera system


1488 HD 3-Chip camera system

The 1488 HD Camera System utilizes CMOS technology and premium optics to provide a clear, bright image and cross-specialty standardization. Our 1488 HD Camera System is enabled through nine dedicated surgical specialty settings.

Stryker Vision Elect 26” HD Monitor Features

Stryker has raised the bar for medical imaging video display with the introduction of the Vision Elect HDTV Flat Panel Monitor. The Vision Elect HDTV is the ideal complement to the 1188 HD 3-Chip Camera.

This 26” display provides clear, brilliant images on a spacious, widescreen display. Offering both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio display formats, improved color reproduction and new picture-by-picture capabilities, this high definition platform is designed to create the optimal operating environment for the surgeon.
  • HD and HDTV native outputs
  • Progressive Scan Displays
  • Lightweight displays for superior flexibility
  • New ergonomic interface allows consistent operation under any OR condition
  • Digital & analog inputs for seamless integration with any existing system

Stryker Light source L9000:

The Stryker L9000 Light Source is a light-generating unit designed to illuminate surgical sites during endoscopic applications. The L9000 uses light-emitting diode (LED) technology to generate bright, crisp light, which it delivers to the surgical site via a fiberoptic light cable.
The L9000 is compatible with all Stryker light cables and, with the proper light cable and adapters, can connect to any flexible or rigid endoscope.

Scopes (Stryker telescope 10mm 30 degree HD ideal eyes)

Tubular optical instruments used to provide a view of internal patient anatomy during examination, diagnosis, and therapy during general endoscopic procedures.

Stryker insufflator 40 L Features

Stryker's 40-liter insufflator provides superior performance with unprecedented safety and reliability. This insufflator is designed to handle the need for today's dynamic surgical environment. Its ability to maintain pneumoperitoneum under the most extreme conditions, coupled with a multitude of safety features, place the Stryker 40-liter insufflator is a class by itself.
  • The highest flow rate available on the market
  • Neonatal mode offers increased sensitivity and flow rates as low as .1 liters per minute
  • LCD display provides surgeons with ongoing status messages
  • Software-driven to allow for future upgrades
  • Sidne compatibility allows the surgeon to control the insufflator with voice commands
  • Built-in gas heating technology
  • Video on-screen display
Safelight technology within the light source provides a cooler light emission during procedures, making the device safer and more efficient for both the patients and OR staff. As an added benefit, the Safelight technology ensures that the light source goes into standby mode when the light cable detaches from the Safelight, preventing potential injury to the patient and providing added protection in the OR.
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