Stryker 1188 HD 3-Chip camera system

Stryker 1188 Camera System Features

  • High-Definition Standardization.
  • Progressive-Scan Technology.
  • 10-Bit Digital Processing provides Optimal Clarity.
  • Direct Fiber Optical Outputs.
  • Increased Intra-Operative Brightness offers Improved Resolution.
  • Nine Specialty Settings Aid Surgical Standardization.
  • Seamless Integration suits Existing Video Equipment.


Stryker Vision Elect 21” HD Monitor Features

The Stryker Vision Elect 21-Inch HD Monitor is the ideal flat panel monitor. It complements the 1188 HD 3-Chip Camera, providing clear, brilliant images of anatomy on a spacious display.
  • High-definition display
  • Excellent maneuverability
  • Elegant ergonomic interface
  • Multi-system compatibility
  • Electronic Flexible Scope Filter, Compatible with all Flexible Scopes.
  • More Intuitive User Controls on the Stryker 1188.
  • Users can Display Image in Native Aspect Ratio or Widescreen Aspect Ratio.


Stryker X6000 - 300 Watt Xenon Light Source Features

The Stryker Endoscopy X-6000 Xenon Light Source is a high performance device designed for use with Stryker Endoscopy medical video cameras to provide outstanding illumination of the surgical site across all endoscopic applications. With the proper light cable and adapters, it can be connected to any flexible or rigid endoscope.
The X-6000 is equipped with a special safety feature that, when using an ESST cable, will prevent accidental burning caused by an unattended light cable. Electronic Scope Sensing Technology senses when the scope and the light cable are separated and places the light source in standby.
  • High Performance Device Design for use with Stryker Endoscopy Medical Video Cameras.
  • Connects to any flexible or rigid Endoscope.
  • Equipped with a special Safety Feature for Accident Prevention.
  • Dependably Illuminates the Surgical Site across every Endoscopic Application.
  • Electronic Scope Sensing Technology Senses When the Scope and the Light Cable are Separated and places the Light Source in Standby.
  • Automated Light Adjustment.
  • Operates with 110-220V

Stryker insufflator 20L

The Stryker 20L Insufflator combines exceptional performance and safety. The insufflator maintains pneumoperitoneum under extreme conditions for reliability during all laparoscopic procedures.

The Stryker 20L High Flow Insufflator is an electronic insufflation device with fixed flow settings. This Stryker model has video monitor capability, audible and visual alert signals bacterial filter, high-pressure safeguard, and electronic pressure reduction.

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